Therabreath products are for oral care purposes. It deals with strong food odors, gum problems, bacterial growth and other causes of bad breath. Unlike other products, these products do not come with a fancy packaging. It does not only rely on covering bad breath up with strong mint odors as it addresses the real problem. Dr. Katz has discovered the oxygenating process to be helpful in alleviating bad breath. He also has found solutions for the common causes of bad breath.

The good thing about Therabreath products is that they are very versatile. There are those that are in tablet form intended to be dissolved in water. This would allow a flavorless gargle that can be safely swallowed so that it would also reach the tonsil area and other parts of the digestive system. This would be effective for those who need more than mouth cleansing. They also have nasal sprays, oral rinses, toothpaste, breath strips and even flavored gum to serve different purposes. Most of these contain OXYD-8, which is a powerful odor-obliterating agent that has been proven to attack volatile sulfurous compounds.

Perhaps the only drawback of this line of oral care products is that it has to be used as a system to work. This is because components of other brands may interfere with its oxygenating process. Those who really want to improve their bad breath conditions can do so but it comes with a price. However, people can wait around for promos so that they can have discounts and other freebies so they would still save some money. If you keep an eye out , you can sometimes find special discount coupons for Therabreath products that can be found on different websites.

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