Thera Breath Mouthwash products are the creation of Dr. Harold Katz. He has been a Beverly Hills dentist for more than forty years and is a celebrity in his own right appearing on many television programmes in the United States of America. He is an expert on bad breath and is also know as the Guru of Bad Breath. He is the founder of The California Breath Clinics. He is also the author of the Bad Breath Bible which has sold more than a million copies.

The success of his Thera Breath Mouthwash products lies in the keen interest he took in their development. Dr Katz has a special degree in Bacteriology from UCLA besides the degree in dentistry from the same university. His attention was drawn to the development of a super mouth wash when he discovered that over the counter mouthwashes were not good enough to help get rid of the bad breath of his own young daughter. He worked very hard in his research and came up with the discovery that bad breath is caused by a number of Anaerobic Sulphur-Producing Bacteria which grow on the tongue’s surface and the throat. It debunked the earlier theory that bad breath comes from the digestive system.

This discovery led to the production of his highly effective Thera Breath Mouthwash washes which quickly demolish the Anaerobic Sulphur-Producing Bacteria. The most famous of these are TheraBreath Oral Rinse; the more powerful Perio Therapy Oral Rinse and the Extra Strength TheraBreath Plus Oral Rinse. These products have shown a remarkable success rate of ninety eight percent in curing bad breath.

All these products are to be used in tandem with the TheraBreath toothpaste. The TheraBreath Oral Rinse uses OXYD-8 for the cure of bad breath and halitosis. The Volatile Sulphur Compounds disappear with the use of Thera Breath Mouthwash.

The Perio Therapy Oral Rinse is designed to fight the Anaerobic Bacteria and this cures three diseases in the form of bad breath, gum disease and the loss of taste disorder. The third option is the extra strength mouth wash called TheraBreath Plus Oral Rinse. It is a concentrated version with all the strong ingredients of TheraBreath Mouthwashes and includes OXYD-8, Zinc Gluconate, Tea Tree oil and the natural oil of Spearmint.
It is clear from the popularity of the Thera Breath Mouthwash products manufactured by the Guru of Bad Breath that Thera Breath Mouthwashproducts are genuinely the best in dental care and cure.

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