Therabreath Toothpaste : Most people would raise their eyebrows as to why the oral cleansing products from Therabreath need the same brand of toothpaste. This can be simply explained through the ingredients it has. Actually, it is in what it does not have that sets it apart from other brands of toothpaste. Leading brands of toothpaste commonly have Sodium or Lauryl Sulfate as part of their components. Both of these compounds lead to drying of the mouth which further aggravates the conditions of bad breath. Most of the products from the Thera Breath line work because of oxygenating elements they have and using toothpaste with these ingredients would not a good idea because it would interfere with how the other products would work.

Therabreath toothpaste has no Sodium, Lauryl Sulfate or Saccharin. It has been clinically-proven to alleviate different kinds of bad breath. It addresses the problem with strong food odors, having morning breath and even smoker’s breath by utilizing an agent called OXYD-8. This odor-obliterating agent attack volatile sulfurous compounds that are oftentimes produced by bacteria that can be found inside the mouth.

Aside from OXYD-8, it also has Aloe which perfectly works for sensitive gums and teeth that would help people suffering from Gingivitis. The component Pyrophosphates Natural Minerals on the other hand, help in preventing the build-up of tartar and plaque. Lastly, the natural essential peppermint oil in TheraBreath Toothpaste is an antimicrobial agent. Unlike other brands, these do not have trivial overpowering taste and smell to mask bad breath. It only has components that attack the real sources of bad breath. Thera Breath company also has a range of qualityyproducts can help you in many ways and that go beyond mouth cleansing and rinsing.

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